HEAL Privacy policy

Thank you for visiting our web site and using our services. This policy describes what information is collected when you visit our web site and use our services.

Contact information

HEAL is a joint venture between two Finnish companies
Stora Enso PLC, 1039050-8
Trä Group Ltd, 2850774-3

Contact person:
Ossi Tiltti, ossi (at) tragroup.fi

Purposes to collect personal data

  1. Use of services

    HEAL builds digital services for designing, building, selling and maintaining houses. To create these models of buildings we will ask for the permission of the person owning the rights to that particular plan for utilizing them.

  2. Marketing

    We collect names and e-mail addresses of persons with their own consent via our web site and events. We will use that contact information to inform the persons about HEAL latest news and upcoming events.

    The web site is built on using React. The e-mail tool integrated to our web site and used to share information is MailChimp. For event management the tool we use is Eventbrite.

Personal information collected

On our web site and events we collect the following information on persons own consent

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Place of work (at professional events only)

In addition to this our web site collects user information via Google Analytics.

Storing of personal information

The personal information collected for and at events is HEALs customer register and it will be stored within EU area in a password-protected place and only person who need the information to perform their work will be given access to the register.

The customer information collected via the web site will be held in the MailChimp e-mail marketing tool.

Sharing of personal information with other service providers

HEAL doesn’t sell any of the personal information it gains to any 3rd parties.

Google Analytics tool installed to the HEAL web site analyzes the user behavior on the web site. In addition to the personalized IP addresses Google Analytics stores anonym statistical information such as geographical location and device type about the site visitors. The permission to store this data is asked when entering the HEAL web site. Google Analytics is responsible of technical protection, data security and utilization of this data.

Storing, editing and removing of personal information

The staff at HEAL has been trained on handling of personal information.

Anyone interested has the right to contact HEAL contact person mentioned at the beginning of this document with a request to review, edit and remove his/her personal information from the HEAL database. We will provide this person with the information requested in 30 days.

If not otherwise stated in this document or other HEAL documents the personal data will be removed after 5 years of inactivity.