Yepzon and HEAL to jointly develop sensor track and trace services

Press Release | Nov 7, 2019
HEAL announces a cooperation with Yepzon, a technology provider of advanced end-to-end tracking and sensoring solutions. The aim is to utilise Yepzon’s tracking sensors in HEAL customers’ building sites.

Heidi Rantala, Chief Operating Officer at Yepzon, says:
“It is truly exciting to announce the co-operation with HEAL and start developing tools and solutions for onsite tracking. The collaboration will open doors for creating new solutions that can increase the efficiency across the whole building industry.”

Yepzon has sold more than 60 000 solutions worldwide and is the preferred tracking partner for several companies and industries. Yepzon’s IoT solutions bring savings and earnings already to numerous leading industrial, system integration, and operator customers globally.

David Blomquist, Head of HEAL and Digital Advisor, Stora Enso says:
“HEAL was founded by Stora Enso and Trä Group to refine the best practices and innovative ideas to scale across building and construction industry. We look forward to bring new solutions to the market, based on digital tools and solutions created by our collaboration with Yepzon, a technology that in the future can add efficiency and create synergies across industries.”

“We are thrilled to begin working together with Yepzon. HEAL’s agenda is to create an ecosystem in order to enhance the collaboration within the whole building industry. Through the co-operation with Yepzon, we can act as an example and encourage other players for closer collaboration and more transparent information sharing”, continues Blomquist.

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HEAL begins developing track and trace services with Yepzon

About Yepzon
Yepzon provides advanced end-to-end tracking and sensoring solutions for any business need. Yepzon is a full stack IoT powerhouse specializing in location data combined with sensor data (such as collision, temperature, and air humidity) for a variety of purposes. The Yepzon ecosystem is easily customized and integrated with any existing service or system platform.

About HEAL
Co-created by Stora Enso and Trä Group, HEAL is an open business platform with the aim to shape a future of healthy affordable living. Bringing together shared know-how in design, business, and technology, we unlock opportunities across the building cycle and the construction industry, innovating and optimising for greater efficiency and joint value by collaboration.