HEAL commercialises a software solution for construction management

Press Release • March 18, 2021 • Helsinki
HEAL begins commercialising HEAL Spaces, a concept improving the design, build and maintenance of buildings. The first solution to be released, Buildbite, aims to improve information sharing and streamline construction project activities.

Searching for ways to solve productivity issues in the building industry has been one of HEAL’s objectives from the outset of its foundation. Three years of thorough research within the building value chain has revealed that the problems in productivity often stem from companies having numerous software in use, which causes information silos and makes site management complicated.

“We have delved into the work-life of construction workers and managers and found out that many companies still struggle with finding a digital tool that enables for example planning, reporting, and invoicing in the same place. Particularly, small and medium-sized enterprises feel that most solutions are designed for large organizations,” says Mika Kupila, the Chief Product Officer at HEAL.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have addressed their difficulties in finding solutions that serve their needs and fit in their budgets. Since there are more than 200 000 SMEs in construction in the Nordic countries only, they form a large, underserved group that has a great impact on the building industry as a whole.

Buildbite is an easy-to-use software product that allows construction companies to manage their projects, tasks, teams, and invoices from a single source. It provides information on project performance compared to planning and estimates, automatically. Buildbite aims to help construction companies save time and reduce costs that result from having several unconnected management tools in use.

Initially available in Finland, Buildbite is starting a closed piloting phase in the second quarter of 2021.

For further information, please contact
Mika Kupila, CPO, HEAL Spaces Oy, tel: +358 50 5737126, mika.kupila@heal.fi

About HEAL
Buildbite is a product owned by HEAL Spaces, a Finnish-based technology startup that develops solutions to improve efficiency and sustainability in the building industry. Bringing together shared know-how in design, business, and technology, we unlock opportunities across the building cycle and the construction industry, innovating and optimising for greater efficiency and joint value. heal.fi