Seeking for innovative solutions through Combient Foundry Venture Client Program

Combient Foundry launched the second cycle of its Venture Client Cycles on August 23rd. As one of the case companies of Combient Foundry, Stora Enso brings HEAL to be part of the program as a “program challenge” also called as “venture client opportunity”.

Combient Foundry’s venture client program’s mission is to offer business opportunities for startups. The program encourages the best-in-class industrial startups to seize an opportunity and propose their solutions for the current program challenges, for example HEAL. Each Venture Client Cycle launches new program challenges and HEAL is part of the second cycle launch.

By engaging in the venture client program, HEAL aims to find innovative startups that have relevant tools and ambition to change the course of the building industry towards a healthier and more sustainable future. The goal is to find providers of innovative digital solutions across the entire value chain and jointly develop a business platform that enhances efficiency and transparency in the building value chain, shaping a future of healthy affordable living.

The Venture Client Program wants to bring together all case companies and program challenges, as well as selected startups, to be able to solve business challenges together.

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