HEAL and Renta enter partnership for developing onsite tracking

Press Release | Nov 11, 2019
HEAL announces a commercial partnership with Renta. The collaboration aims to enhance efficiency on building sites by developing smart ways for equipment and material tracking. The goal is to solve challenges related to inefficiencies and extra costs caused by idle machinery and equipment in building sites.

Joel Särkkä, Chief Information Officer at Renta, says:
“We are excited to officially announce our partnership with HEAL. Our collaboration with the HEAL initiative will focus on onsite tracking, establishing new services for more efficient management of machinery and equipment. We have recognised the same pain points regarding the utilization rates of onsite equipment. The common goal in developing solutions to overcome these challenges has set us up a for very fruitful partnership.”

“Our plan is to intensively innovate new solutions to answer the major pain points in managing equipment and material flows onsite,” concludes Särkkä.

Renta is a Nordic construction machinery and equipment rental company established in 2016. Renta operates in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Poland with more than 650 employees and a network of 70 depots.

David Blomquist, Head of HEAL & Digital Advisor at Stora Enso states:
“We are looking forward to working closely with Renta and their truly professional operations and experience in the field of building machinery. It is our mutual ambition to exploit the opportunities that digitalisation offers in order to streamline the established ways of working in the building industry.”

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Renta and HEAL start developing more efficient onsite tracking

About Renta
Renta Group is a construction machinery and equipment rental company established in 2016. Renta operates in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Poland. Rental offering covers a wide selection of construction site machinery, equipment and related services. In addition to a network of depos, the company provides major scaffolding and weather protection as well as site services. www.renta.com

About HEAL
Co-created by Stora Enso and Trä Group, HEAL is an open business platform with the aim to shape a future of healthy affordable living. Bringing together shared know-how in design, business, and technology, we unlock opportunities across the building cycle and the construction industry, innovating and optimising for greater efficiency and joint value by collaboration.