eGate and HEAL to collaborate on material and structure monitoring

Press Release | Nov 21, 2019
HEAL announces a technology partnership with eGate Smart Building Innovation. eGate is a provider of tools and services for measuring and monitoring of conditions of buildings, structures and premises during construction and throughout the building life cycle. The aim of the collaboration is to develop solutions for more efficient monitoring of materials and structures during construction work.

“It is truly exciting to announce the collaboration with HEAL. Together we will focus on developing the monitoring and analysing of building site activities and leverage better ways of working throughout the whole industry. The cooperation has a potential to open doors for internationalising our services”, says Jarkko Haukijärvi, Chief Executive Officer at eGate.

“The lack of transparency and negligence are identified as huge problems in the building industry resulting in poor overall quality of buildings. Our goal is to solve health and sustainability issues that are often a result of sacrificing quality during the construction work”, concludes Haukijärvi.

For construction site monitoring eGate enables on-site real-time and wireless RHT measurements of the floor concrete casting, wireless pressure differential monitoring, VOC, CO2 and particle measurements, as well as RHT measurements from floor insulation or other structures.

David Blomquist, Head of HEAL and Digital Advisor, Stora Enso states:
“The accuracy of eGate sensors and their data is exceptional, and we truly appreciate their aim for continuous development and ambition to drive change in the building industry. We are excited to start innovating new solutions to ensure the sufficient monitoring and quality control in order to secure healthier environments.”

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About e-Gate
eGate is a Finnish sensor technology company providing IoT/ SaaS service that enables wireless, transparent and real-time measuring of conditions from the structures and the air during the entire life cycle of a building.

About HEAL
Co-created by Stora Enso and Trä Group, HEAL is an open business platform with the aim to shape a future of healthy affordable living. Bringing together shared know-how in design, business, and technology, we unlock opportunities across the building cycle and the construction industry, innovating and optimising for greater efficiency and joint value by collaboration.