AuraTool – making building acoustics audible

Can you imagine what happens to acoustics when you change the insulating materials or the thickness of the wooden wall element?

HEAL presented its first application at Stora Enso’s Innovation Day in May 2019. AuraTool, an auralization application, responses to a common challenge of designing wooden structures: Interpreting numbers related to acoustics and sound insulation. AuraTool aims to translate soundproofing into a form that is measurable and enables hearing the differences between the acoustics of different structures.

AuraTool helps interpreting numbers related to building acoustics.

The application allows users to explore different wall structure examples, build-ups, each filtering noises differently. The application plays different noises with realistic volume which allows comparing the sound insulation of wooden wall structures. With the application, you do not need to be an expert in the field of building acoustics or to know what it means in practice when sound insulation improves for example 5 to 10dB.

AuraTool allows comparing the sound insulation of wooden wall structures.AuraTool supports browser and mobile versions but in order to make the application easily accessible, the focus has been on developing a seamless mobile user experience.

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