360 videos to illustrate the opportunities of XR

To enhance the efficiency and transparency in the building industry, we at HEAL develop, integrate and harmonize tools and solutions that help planning and experiencing building processes. By creating extended reality (XR) tools, we transform processes into clear and easy-to-understand immersive experiences. Our virtual reality (VR) tool, for example, is used to showcase the new Trä Kronor houses that are being built in Tuusula, Stora Enso’s building design concept and IFC (Industry Foundation Class) structures.

Our XR software developer team has created 360 videos that showcase our VR experience without the need to set up the entire VR system. Whereas using the VR headset is a one-to-one experience, these videos allow you to enjoy nearly the same experience on the mobile devices that you would have within virtual reality. Now, there’s no need to have the VR equipment from headsets to screens and motion controllers. Additionally, the viewers do not have to bother themselves with complicated instructions or understand all the features of virtual reality. The video experience is guided by our 360 bot.

By providing a meaningful combination of 360 view and sound, we can now offer the audience, for example, a tour to the building site or a visit to the designed BIM or IFC structure. The aim is to illustrate the opportunities of virtual and augmented reality in simple and understandable way.

Try out the 360 videos and take a tour in Stora Enso’s office or building site!

To get the full experience, get to know to our AuraTool application that lets you listen to the decibel differences between wall structure sound insulation.