HEAL Lab team at Slush

Slush 2018 brought together the startup world to Helsinki in December 2018 for a 2-day event filled with inspiring talks, meetups and industry announcements. Before the event, a rigorous scanning of startups present at Slush was conducted by the HEAL Lab team. The goal was to get to hear from as many interesting companies as possible about what they do and see whether they would be a match for the HEAL Lab ecosystem.

Why HEAL team is looking to connect with startups

HEAL Lab aims to offer Healthy and Affordable Living for all and in all phases of a building’s life cycle. This goal cannot be reached by a limited initiative, but instead, the message needs to resonate with the entire industry. HEAL Lab is aiming to connect with people who specialise in different areas of the value chain, for example, air quality sensors and analysing of data.

HEAL Lab team’s arranged meetings with Emergence and Congrid proved especially interesting and brought new perspective in thinking how to scale initiatives of healthy living. As Slush is not limited to one industry only, but instead in the entire landscape of emerging ideas and technologies, even surprising connections can be made by sharing experiences with fellow attendees. For example, discussions on indoor air quality in schools with representatives of HEI Schools proved more than relevant as wooden buildings would offer the best possible environments for cutting edge school environments.

Among the company stands many familiar companies such as Breezi for air quality monitoring and Polku Innovations for visualizing building information shared their recent progress with HEAL Lab team members. Among interesting new acquaintances were GreenMe who offer a service for air quality monitoring and mui with their beautiful interactive wooden panels.

Helsinki as a tech and business hub

As good proof that Helsinki is a good place to be in the current era of technological advantages, Supercell presented The Hive, an academy to educate hundreds new coders. The academy was founded in Helsinki as Finland offers a great network of companies which involve and share knowledge beyond company borders. This cooperation among companies was summed up in a comment by Linda Liukas, the chairwoman of The Hive “Finland has been good at starting ecosystem projects”. The importance and advantage of knowledge sharing and good cooperation is clear and further reinforces the model chosen by HEAL Lab to reach out to stakeholders in the construction industry to work together.