HEAL Lab made its main stage debut at ReCoTech 2018

Property tech event ReCoTech in Helsinki brings together innovative startups and technology visionaries across industries related to construction and real estate. The third edition of the event (Dec 4th 2018) was held for the first time as an official side event of Slush with the two venues directly connected to one another. The connection to the startup buzz seemed to be a clear advantage as the proptech event benefitted from the presence of many startups and the atmosphere of innovative thinking. Hosting the event as its own separate forum however allowed the topics presented to concentrate directly on the future of real estate and construction industry.

HEAL Lab presents: The future of construction

The daylong event consisted of talks, panel discussions and pitches divided under six different emerging themes in the industry. Fittingly under the topic: Future of construction HEAL Lab presented its vision of a healthier future to the proptech audience. Julia Ahvenainen from Stora Enso and Thomas Noreila from Trรค Group together presented the aim of Healthy and Affordable Living (HEAL) and what it signifies to the construction industry. Firm facts of the current ways of building shone light to issues HEAL is looking to solve such as 1 out of 6 people currently suffering from poor indoor air quality all across Europe. Noreila brought up that the construction industry must change its ways as 38% per cent of all non-renewable waste is currently produced by the construction and real estate industry.

The changing landscape of construction and real estate

Topics covered throughout the day show strong signals of a changing landscape of construction and real estate. Many are looking into the opportunities digitalization is bringing to the industry from service flows to advanced manufacturing. Another trend that can be detected is cooperation between stakeholders. For example the talk Neutral data platform by Toni Luhti presented the initiative called Platform of Trust which aims to bring as many partners as possible to work together and share knowledge.

As a key takeaway it is safe to say that HEAL Lab is advancing topical themes in the right time and in the right manner. HEAL Lab is involving stakeholders from the entire industry to assure that the future of construction will be sustainable in every stage of the process and life of a building.