HEAL promoted solutions for circular economy and sustainable development at Bio-Playground

Helsinki Fashion Week 2019 (HFW) wanted to bring together not only fashion people, but also businesses and innovators across different industries to connect players promoting circular economy and sustainable development.

For the first time, Helsinki Fashion Week introduced Bio-Playground, a platform aiming to encourage partnerships between a range of academic, commercial and governmental organisations. The Bio-Playground platform included several exhibitor stands as well as TalkTalk Panels.

The Bio-Playground was arranged in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment. The platform focused on connectivity of raw bio material sourcing, introduced digital concepts that aim to facilitate knowledge-sharing and promoted re-invention together with Stora Enso, Metsä Wood and Aalto University.

HEAL gladly participated in the Bio-Playground platform by bringing to life the way we can increase sustainable development and inspire out of the box thinking within the building industry.

During this four-day-event, HEAL was showcasing its virtual reality (VR) experience, augmented reality (AR) “Seefeld wood route” application as well as a new proof-of-concept (PoC), AuraTool, an application that helps understanding the decibel differences between different CLT wall structures.

We had some very interesting encounters with people visiting the HEAL stand, especially our virtual reality experience seemed to gain great popularity among our audience.