Glass Performance Days emphasized the meaning of cross-industrial collaboration

Glass Performance Days (GPD), held in Tampere in June 2019, brought almost 1.000 glass industry professionals together. The event focused on the ways new glass technologies can contribute to changing demands on city planning, building design, energy-efficiency and environmental fit.

Although co-created by two wood-focused companies, HEAL is not tied into a specific building material. Promoting transparency, strong collaboration and information exchange between different players, we recognized a great opportunity to gain insight into the glass industry by joining Glass Performance Days.

During two days at GPD we had the chance to introduce our own business and spread the word about healthy and sustainable living, by presenting for example our virtual reality (VR) experience and the augmented reality (AR) “Seefeld wood route” application. In addition, we had the pleasure to meet many intriguing companies and hear interesting stories and presentations of new technologies related to visualization, virtual reality and 360 solutions, among others.

One of the highlights of our visit was pitching our upcoming hackathon “Heal the working spaces” with Glaston, a provider of machinery, technology and expertise in glass processing. We were happy to see how much the hackathon seemed to resonate with our public as we got great feedback and various approaches after the pitches.

GPD allowed us to meet and discuss with interesting new companies and potential partners for HEAL. Apart from giving ideas of innovative combinations of industries, the GPD convinced us that healing the building industry will be at its strongest when working together.

Photos: Opa Latvala