HEAL shared its big visions at BAU in January

BAU is billed as the “World´s Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems”. The Munich based fair occupies a gargantuan 200,000+ square meters of exhibition space interwoven between 19 large halls. We came to the event as just one of the 2,250 exhibitors hoping to network with other trade visitors, introduce potential stokeholds to the HEAL ecosystem, and gain an understanding on the future of building. After nearly a week of exploring the event, those of us representing HEAL were impressed by the enormity of it all, and how positively our message was received by fellow attendees.

The HEAL Lab made a debut at BAU this year, situated prominently within the Stora Enso stand. Our main theme, “You have big visions. So do we.” was splayed across the back of the stand in large, bold type, while a series of computers in which guests could demo our suite of digital tools lined the stand. We also featured a virtual reality station that enabled visitors to immerse themselves in an office environment where they could experience and modify the space.

The stand proved a stark departure from Stora Enso’s typical event setup, both in message, targeted audience, and aesthetic. Together, HEAL, TRÄ, and Stora Enso embraced an ambitious, aggressive stance towards innovation and technological advancement in the building sector in order to validate the shift in thinking that is taking place across the building sector. HEAL Lab is certainly doing its part with an ambitious message that future successes will be increasingly found through successful collaboration and the exchange of information and expertise. At the event, we were able to validate that our message resonates with visitors via a survey, which proved 85% of surveyed guests valued our stand, the tools, and our message as “Good” or “Great”, with no-one responding with a “Poor” rating.

BAU proved an important milestone for HEAL, as we continue to march forward with our message of working together to achieve healthier, more sustainable, and more affordable living. We’re thrilled with the positive responses of those in the building sector, and excited to continue working together with others to realize the future of building.

Photos: Platzer Härdtlein and Rauner Holger