We are HEAL

HEAL is a movement towards a healthier building industry – for everyone who works within it, for the environment and for all of us who live and spend time in houses. We co-create how buildings are designed, built and maintained, to enable healthy and sustainable living for all.


Sustainability and circular thinking is essential in every business with an aim stay relevant, and the building industry is no exception. We want to go even further by looking at sustainability as a part of overall health and well-being for nature, society and everyone – from workers in the building industry to the ones spending time inside our schools and offices and houses.


Affordability is an expression of necessity and does not imply that buildings need to be cheap or subsidised in a particular way. Our ambition starts in the healthy aspect and then, through smart and efficient solutions, we make sure it becomes affordable for people in general. Healthy affordable living is not cheap nor a luxury. It’s simply a standard, accessible to all.


The building industry is not just any industry. Together we shape homes, offices, public spaces, societies and the future. It’s about personal safety, sustainability and health. But most of all it is about life and living.

Real change happens through co-creation. We focus on facilitating collaboration between players, big and small, for better building processes that ultimately create better solutions. We develop unique services and Proof of Concept (PoC) projects in order to strengthen the eco-system and to create an open, agile business platform that enables connecting building industry professionals throughout the entire value chain.

HEAL collaboration kick-starts transformation opportunities with companies and other parties, both in and outside of the building industry. By using service design methods, we aim to understand customer pain points and discover new business opportunities that have the potential to spark change. Applying creative ways of working and prototyping both digital and physical solutions, we can quickly test and connect with users.

We aim to challenge the building industry and provide knowledge, research and events on more sustainable ways of working to enable healthy living. By finding smarter ways of working, we can ensure sustainable materials and innovations that improve our well-being are made available to all.

Our story

Rooted in the woods. Heading towards the sky.

The renewable materials company, Stora Enso, develops and produces wood products for construction and other applications for a range of industries worldwide.

Trä Group brings together professionals from building industry, modern architecture and leading technologies with the aim to change the way people design, build, buy and maintain houses.

The two Helsinki-headquartered companies met in 2017 at an accelerator program hosted by Aalto University and soon realised the synergies available: Stora Enso’s global network and resources and Trä Group’s agile start-up mentality and world-class team of digital experts. HEAL was born, ready to partner with global organisations that share our ambitions of making a difference in the future of building.