We are HEAL

We are an initiative aiming to heal the building industry by improving its efficiency and sustainability. At HEAL we promote innovation and open collaboration to change the way buildings are designed, built and managed throughout the entire lifecycle. Together with partners, we explore the building industry value chain, seeking pain points, challenges and inefficiencies where we can use service design methods and innovative technologies to derive better ways of working.

We commit to improving the building industry through digitalisation.

When it comes to digitalisation, the building industry is still at an early stage. Decades of relying on traditional ways of working has led the industry to a state where unsustainable practices are the norm. As users of buildings, we are left with very little knowledge about how our interior spaces affect our health and our planet.

We believe that the building industry status-quo can be challenged through open collaboration and transparency between like-minded partners within the value chain. Our aim is to foster collaboration and encourage the players to co-create better building practices. By exploring technology and current ways of working, we develop digital solutions with our partners to tackle industry challenges.

We are a group of multidisciplinary experts working with a variety of stakeholders within the building industry, running diagnoses and uncovering their pain points. The use of Service Design methods allows us to get a deep understanding of our customers’ day-to-day reality, uncover their challenges and discover new business opportunities that have the potential to spark change. Together with a wide partner network, we develop and integrate proof of concepts (PoCs) based on identified problems and opportunities to provide the best digital solutions.

Our ambition is to challenge the status-quo of the building industry and provide knowledge, research and digital solutions to enable healthy and affordable living.

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Our story

Rooted in the woods. Heading towards the sky.

HEAL is the result of the collaboration between two important stakeholders in the wood building industry. Stora Enso develops and produces sustainable wood products and building solutions for construction and other applications for a range of industries worldwide. Trä Group’s expertise is in wood building, modern architecture and leading digital technologies.

The two Helsinki-headquartered companies met in 2017 at an accelerator program hosted by Aalto University and soon realised the synergies available: Stora Enso’s global network and resources on par with Trä Group’s agile start-up mentality and world-class team of digital experts. HEAL was born, ready to partner with global organisations and entrepreneurs sharing our ambitions of making a difference in the future of healthier and afforable buildings.